Paying too much for your parcels?


SURE Parcel is a division of The Millions Group Ltd (TMG)

TMG have been directly involved in E-Commerce and parcel shipping for over a decade.
During this time we have built up excellent experience in this field with a proven track record of customer satisfaction.

We are now able to offer a Local Parcel Shipping service to support Ebayers E-Commerce businesses and anyone who is looking for a cheaper and more satisfying parcel service.

  • Our service are fully tracked with proof of postage – helping Ebayers to avoid those annoying PayPal charge backs
  • We offer a wide range of parcel services to the UK and the Rest of the World *
  • Our prices are cheaper than any Local Post Office **
  • Our service portfolio is much more reliable than most other parcel companies that don’t offer a tracked service ***
  • You wont have to queue for long wasted periods of time in your Post Office ****
  • There are no complicated parcel size restrictions and parcel templates to conform to *****

* ** *** **** *****Please see our full Terms and Conditions for full details of our services offered

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